Awards Categories

The 25 categories of the award are as follows

  • Best Construction and Housing Project Award (Construction),
  • Best Educational Project Award (Education),
  • Best Banking Project Award (meaning)
  • Best Power Project Award (Energy)
  • Latest Project Invention Award (Invention)
  • Best Corporate Company Award (Corporate)
  • Best Municipal Award (Local Government)
  • Outstanding Tourism Project (Tourism)
  • Best Agricultural Project Award (Agriculture)
  • Outstanding Health Project Award (Health)
  • Best Engineering Project Award (Engineering)
  • Best Natural Resource Project Award (Natural Resources)
  • Best Arts Culture and Music Award (Literary Arts)
  • Best Media Entrepreneur Award (Media Industry)
  • Best Sports Project Award (Sports)
  • Best Children’s Latest Project Award (Kids)
  • Best Mineral Project Award (Minerals)
  • Best Information Technology Project Award (Information Technology)
  • Best Capital Market Project Award (Capital Market)
  • . Best Industry Project Award (Industry)
  • Best Insurance Project Award (Insurance)
  • Best Cooperative Project Award (Cooperative)
  • Best Employee Award (Civilian)
  • Best Scientist Award (Science)

The Main Objectives of the IPDF

  1. Conducting various social activities for social development and equality.
  2. Conducting national and international conferences, seminars and conferences.
  3. Conducting national and international award programs by evaluating the contributions of entrepreneurs, businessmen, industrialists, etc.
  4. Conducting tourism promotion programs including study research and cultural exchange.
  5. Conducting annual award programs for innovative thinking and inventions.
  6. Conducting various programs with permission from relevant agencies based on needs.

Nomination Requirements (Criteria)-

  1. The nominee must have been engaged in television OR related sector from atleast last 2 years.
  2. The nominee must be from television OR related field and must be taking place in any state or union territories of the country;
  3. Individuals can nominate themselves or be nominated by someone who can accurately describe their development, CV and other portfolio.
  4. The winners must agree to receive Award generated by the Jury.
  5. All individuals, professionals and leaders of television and related sectors without distinction of race, occupation, position or sex are eligible for these awards.

Awards Process-

  1. Interested professionals/leaders/entrepreneurs of television sector can apply via online by  December 10th, 2021;
  2. Any public or private organization and individuals can recommend and apply for the awards;
  3. After the official nomination, Award Committee will decide for award after the CV/Application screening (first process) tele-interview (Second Process) Social Media Screening (third process) local inquiries and verification (forth process) and formal interview and presentation (fifth process);
  4. Award Committee will be regularly monitoring of nominees social media (like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok etc.) influence, post and comment;
  5. Award Committee will ask and coordinate with local Police for criminal check;
  6. Award Committee deserves all the right to reject of any nominee, in case of misleading information.

Who Makes the Decision for the Awards?

A highly professional and experienced Awards Committee (jury) will be constituted to nominate the awards.  Nominations directly received by Awards Committee, will have full authority right to reject the award nomination. Any government (public) and private organization can recommend nominee for the awards in any category.  Individuals of all age without distinction of race, position or sex are eligible for these awards.

Awards will be Decided on the Basis of

  1. Level of Impact.
  2. Level of innovation/fresh approaches to problem solving.
  3. Quality of achievement.
  4. Quality of the evidence provided.
  5. Sustainability and Continuity.
  6. Leadership.
  7. Contribution to society/industry.
  8. Legal Compliance.
  9. Personal Profiling

Charges of the Award Nomination

There are no any charges for award nomination.

Deadline for Award Nomination

December 10th, 2021

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Nomination can be made by sending brief personal profile, CV/resume and a photograph by 10th of December 2021

Jury Committee

Advisory Committee

Research Committee

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